Hanna Wittrock

Ph.D. at the Swedish School of Textiles.

A driving force to establish fashion studies as an academic subject. Co-creator to a Bachelor program in Fashion Studies. Member of the 2021 jury Encouragement for Action, instituted by Stockholm Fashion District

Linus Karlsson

Global Chief Creative Officer Range & Marketing Comminucations at IKEA

One of the advertising industry’s most respected and honored creative executives working globally with leading brands.

Babba Rivera

Owner of Ceremonia

A creator and digital brand building precusor. Listed as one of the most influental, dynamic, young innovators and leaders in teh area of digital brand marketing.

Charles Ross

Royal College of Art in London

A Design Council mentor that has led the Performance Sportswear Design postgraduate programme at Royal College of Arts for over two decades. A proud member of The Do Lecture team.

Haysun Hahn

Founder of Fast Forward Trending

A trend forecaster that has helped global brands to understand the ever changing market of consumer products, sportwear and fashion.