Speakers & Program

26 October 2022



Breakfast Partner Workshops





Pierre Rosengren, CEO TEX! by Marketplace Borås.



Moderator Mark Shayler, We are Ape

Mark helps big companies think like small ones and small companies think like big ones.

He works on innovation of products, services and business models; he works on sustainability and company purpose.

He has saved his clients in excess of £120 million per annum through environmental improvements,

has increased sales of products by 8000% by introducing circular economy business models and trained over 2000 people in sustainability.  

10.45- 11.10

In the head of The Next Sustainable Consumer

Fredrik Ekström, Above the Clouds

How can  brands can thrive in a time of transition, where the consumers hearts and anxieties are,

and reveal a journey we’re on, as consumers and brands. Fredrik will share insights from The Next Sustainable Consumer report 2022.  

11.15 – 11.45

Transformation – What will it take?

Eva Karlsson, Houdini Sportswear

How do we move from incremental change to transformation?

Reflections after 20 years within the space on societal design flaws holding us back, inner capacities to cultivate and compelling visions to manifest.


Green transition in textile industry, we will make it happen!

Outi Luukko, Rester Ltd

We have a global problem that needs local solution. We need to be able to keep the materials in circulations to prevent a lack in material flows. 

This is a must – and on the other hand it is doable. We are able to get over the obstacles, but we need commitment of the entire value chain to achieve that.

 –  12.30-13.30  Lunch & Mingle –



Haysun Hahn, Fast Forward Trending

Brand neutrality, the consequence of no decided views, expression, or strong feeling for products of a brand is one reason for declining sales.

Algorithms to forecast buying habits also contributed to the repetition of design and messaging. This has created a ripple effect on retail margins.”


Panel discussion


Closing remarks


Fabric of Life Award Ceremony

This year will celebrate the second year FABRIC OF LIFE AWARD®.

The prize ceremony and winners of the Swedish Textile Industry award will recognize extraordinary individuals or collective contributions

of great international importance in innovation, design and sustainability judged by an international jury.


Mingle with bubbles